Office of the Chief Economist

Office of the Chief Economist Mission

The mission of the Office of the Chief Economist (OCE) of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is to conduct rigorous economic and econometric analysis of derivatives markets; to foster market transparency by disseminating its research to market participants and the general public; and to partner with other CFTC divisions and offices to integrate economic reasoning and data analysis into Commission policy and cost-benefit considerations.

A list of the current members of the Office of the Chief Economists can be found on our Biographies page, which includes backgrounds as well as research interests. The office is led by Bruce Tuckman (Chief Economist) and Scott Mixon (Supervisory Economist).

Featured Research from the Office of the Chief Economist

The Liquidity of Credit Default Index Swap Networks (Richard Haynes and Lihong McPhail)

  • The paper analyzes the effect of transaction networks on the liquidity of credit index swaps.
  • It finds that transaction costs fall in cases when customers trade with a larger number of dealers and when they trade with the most active dealers.
  • The paper also summarizes a few other recent credit index trends, including possible liquidity improvement like daily volume increases and reduced price impacts. In possible contrast we do see slight trade size decreases for some contracts.

For older research projects, please visit our Research Papers website.

Information on Academic Collaboration

The Office of the Chief Economist frequently collaborates with academics on research projects focused on financial markets. Often, these projects will make use of one or more of the data sets the agency receives as part of its program of regulatory oversight and monitoring. Many papers have resulted in publications in prominent academic journals. A selection of papers from these collaborations can be found on our Research Papers page.